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Bellalox is your primary destination for high-quality hair care services. Our business was

established in 2008 after we studied the market and realized there’s a large demand for hair care services. We initially started our business in the LifeStyles Salon, but we transitioned to mobile care within 2 years. Since 2010, our company has always been a mobile hair care service provider, and we’ve worked with thousands of clients. After more than a decade, we are excited to open a physical location and provide even more hair care services to our customers. We are focused on delivering sew-ins, braids, loc services, and even some services specifically designed for men. It’s very important for us to bring in the best experience and results while
making it easy for our customers to enjoy the services they always wanted. We also provide some hair care products too, with new ones being added all the time.
Taking good care of your hair and enhancing your look is always a great idea. That’s why we are here to assist with the best services and solutions you may need. We are always pushing the boundaries to bring tremendous value and quality. Rest assured that with help from Bellalox you will have no problem accessing the best hair care services and products right away.
Plus, if you have any questions or inquiries, our team is always here to help. Avail this great opportunity and give us a try, we are always excited to help take your look to the next level!


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